Geneva 2014 : Giugiaro Clipper - hints at Model X competitor?


Giugiaro has revealed a concept at the opening of the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, it is an electric MPV with crossover looks. 


The 100% electric vehicle is based on Volkswagen’s MQB modular platform in a 6 seater configuration with flat floor thanks to batteries contained in the floor. 

Each axle receives a 150hp electric motor, the car is therefore 4WD and displays more than 500km range (539km to be precise) for a maximum speed of 204kph. 
However, no indication yet on the battery capacity... 

Giugiaro_Clipper_2014 (3).jpg

The Giugiaro Clipper offers 6 seats on three rows and 900 liters of cargo space in the 4 seat configuration.

Our interpretation of this Concept Car? That would make an interesting competitor to the Model X and could announce VW’s intentions! The opening of the rear doors is also reminiscent of Tesla’s electric SUV unveiled in early 2012. 

Giugiaro_Clipper_2014 (2).jpg
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