Shareroller wants to electrify bikesharing!


We regularly introduce new easy electrification kits, whether interchangeable wheels or compact module as the ShareRoller.


The idea born last June with the launch of New York’s bike sharing program, Citibike.
Indeed the Shareroller kit is compatible with all the U.S, Canadian and even London’s self-service bicycles fleet - but can also be adapted to personal bicycle or kickscooter.

The Shareroller is flexible, it is not a first prototype but a pre-production version developed and refined in barely six months thanks to a 3D printer.


The kit features two integrated lights and animates your bike through the principle of friction, a retractable wheel is positioned on the front wheel like for the classic Solex and offers 750Watt of power for speeds up to 29kph (18mph).

Two models are already available , classic and extended range, 12 to 20 miles (19 - 32km) range (240Wh or 400Wh) for a weight increase just over 300g. Official prices for the launch in August $1350 and $1650 respectively, total weight is listed at 3.15kg and 3.45kg a (6-7lbs).

It is not the first kit with this operating mode, in fact we had already spotted Rubee with a similar technology.
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