(VIDEO) Volvo Estate Concept, shooting brake version of the Coupe Concept


Expected for the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, here are the first images of the Estate Concept, a new concept-car inspired by the brand’s history, the P1800ES precisely.

Volvo_Concept_Estate (2).jpg

Acutally, Volvo plays the card of retro after the reinterpretation of the P1800 presented as the Coupe Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the wagon version P1800 ES or Estate Concept is coming to Geneva.

Volvo_Shooting-Brake_2014 (3).jpg

No info yet on the engine of this concept but for the record the Drive-E engines are always more efficient with 190hp diesels engines from 85g/km as in the V40 D4 Drive-e presented at the beginning week – while the Coupe Concept was a 400hp and 600nm gasoline plug-in hybrid based on a four cylinder 2.0l (also VAE) developing 245hp for 350nm and combined with an electric motor.

Volvo_Concept_Estate (3).jpg

Although it is just a concept for the moment, this variant of the coupe seems to announce a fresh wind necessary after the end of career of the C30 and the lack of coupe as the C70 isn’t sold anymore either!
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