(VIDEO) Volvo V40 D4: the first diesel only with hybrid figures - 190hp for 85g/km and 3.3l per 100km


The Volvo V40 estate and its Cross Country version now receive the new diesel unit D4 Drive-E, a four-cylinder that develops 190hp! 

VolvoV40_Drive-E (1).jpg

However, the power of this unit is far from being its only asset, indeed Volvo announces almost two years ago to focus on four-cylinder architecture (VAE strategy), a choice that now bears fruits as this D4 Drive-E now offers consumption and emissions so low that they set the benchmark of the segment! 

VolvoV40_Drive-E (3).jpg

Volvo announces 3.3l per 100km and emissions of 85g/km for the V40 and 4l per 100km  for 107g/km for the V40 Cross Country (both with manual gearbox)! Impressive for a non-hybrid engine developing 190hp, a powertrain that also allows Volvo to announce 80hp more than its competitors with equivalent emissions! 

VolvoV40_Drive-E (2).jpg

For lovers of the automatic gearbox, Volvo will introduce a eight speeds gearbox (emissions and consumption undisclosed).

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