(VIDEO) A Canadian creates an electric track - Yvon Martel MTT-136


For 4 years, Yvon Martel has been developing an electric ATV, the MTT-136 (My Track Technology).


Keen on technology and electronics the Canadian started from a classic snowmobile to which he subtracted all the superfluous to achieve this single track, a track-motor to pull people or loads.

These four years of research and development have resulted in dozens of international patents. Including its waterproof aluminum casing but also mud or sand resistant, it also serves to put the batteries at optimal temperature thanks to the heat generated by the electric motor!

On the performance side, range varies from 45 to 220 km depending on the type of battery used (lead or lithium) and speed goes from 4kph to 40kph , weight is listed at 127kg!


Yvon Martel already thought about combining two tracks together for very heavy loads.

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