The Golf blue-e-motion in details

The purely electric Golf is due to arrive in market by 2014
Electric engine produces 85kW (115ch) maximum and 270Nm of torque.
It's  5 doors, 5 seats front wheel drive.
The battery capacity is 26,5kWh.

At the car's production launch, Volkswagen will announce final driving range data of the production version, which is expected to be significantly improved with the battery technology used then. 

Three driving modes (profiles), up to 150 km range: "Normal," "Comfort+" and "Range+." 
In the "Comfort+" profile, the full 85 kW of power is available; in this mode the Golf blue-e-motion can attain the specified top speed of 135 km/h. 
In "Normal" mode, power is reduced to 65 kW (90hp) and top speed is lowered to 115 km/h. 
In the "Range+" mode the engine controller limits power to 50 kW (68hp); in this case, the car can reach a maximum speed of 105 km/h and the air conditioning system is completely deactivated.

Direct competitors : Nissan Leaf, Coda, future Mercedes A Class e-cell

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