(VIDEO) Auto Expo 2014 – Hero’s offensive on electric motorcycles continues


A few days ago we presented two models of hybrid scooters presented by Hero at New Delhi’s Auto Expo, the Hero RNT and Hero Leap but the Indian manufacturer does not stop on the way and also reveals visions of its future bikes with two concepts.

Hero Ion

It is a Lithium-Air fuell-cell motorcyle which offers radically innovative solutions and looks, a carbon frame, handlebar like a jetfighter, hubless wheels with integrated motors (Hero Ion is therefore two-wheel drive) and a system of front and rear suspension called m-link in direct contact with the wheel whose mechanism is not detailed.


Pure, sleek and high-tech we agree 100 % ! No further details of its tech specs but an ambitious project that bodes interesting concepts and products to come at Hero Corp.

Hero SimplEcity

This is an electric moped designed for urban areas . Its development has been focused on weight reduction, it features regenerative braking , iPhone dock with dedicated app. Finally its seat and battery are removable so you can take them home.


We welcome this letter of intent to innovation that represents Hero universe’s new slogan - Future is now.

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