(VIDEO) Mahindra Reva Halo - an electric sports-car from India


On the New Delhi Auto Expo, the local manufacturer Mahindra and its electric vehicles division Reva presents a concept of electric sports-car, the Reva Halo!

Yet, Reva was known for its urban electric vehicles NXR (G- Wiz) and NXG concept , they take advantage of the Auto Expo to announce some more upscale products with the Reva Halo concept.

Reva used to be a small independent manufacturer, in 2010 they have been bought by Mahindra, since they have updated and renamed the NXR which now goes by the name of E2O.


Specs of the Reva Halo

Some rough figures, 0 to 100kph in 8 seconds and a top speed of 160kph with a range of 200km.
But the power of its electric motor and battery capacity are unknown at the moment !

About market release of this Reva Halo, Mahindra’s participation to the Formula E Championship is a good sign!

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