(VIDEO) Renault Kwid, a bodybuilded Captur shows-up at Delhi’s Auto Expo with its own drone


On the New Delhi Auto Expo which opens its doors this week, Renault unveils a compact sedan – or more likely SUV - named Kwid.

Renault_KWID_2014 (5).jpg

The Renault Kwid concept was designed in partnership with Renault Design India to better understand the needs of local consumers - but also with other international teams (Japan, Brazil, France) for a cosmopolitan vehicle.


Virile and yet fun, the Kwid is appealing, it looks like a stocky Captur and is ostensibly targeting a young clientele, suffice to see the drone that serves as your traveling companion.
This drone has an automatic mode coupled to the GPS and a manual mode, it helps to have a vision on traffic and any obstacles or even take photos of the landscape, it is controlled via a dedicated tablet.

Renault_KWID_2014 (3).jpg

For the engine Renault uses a downsized 1.2l turbo engine with EDC dual clutch gearbox but the Renault Kwid is also ZE ready. Moreover despite its look it is a front wheel drive!

The interior is meanwhile a demonstration of future materials with a bird's nest construction and elastomeric fabrics.

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