(VIDEO) The Indian manufacturer Hero presents two hybrid scooters at the Delhi Auto Expo


Hero is the leader of the two-wheeler market in India, at the 2014 Auto Expo, they unveil two hybrid scooters, one is a preproduction model, the Hero Leap Hybrid SES, the other is a concept, Hero RNT.

Hero Leap Hybrid SES

Hero_Leap_rev_scooter (2).jpg

Precisely it is an electric scooter with range-extender, the 8kW electric motor is powered by a 124cc generator "extremely efficient" taking over when the battery is depleted.

Hero RNT

As its design foreshadows, the NTD makes bold choices, utility scooter with sleek lines, it is equipped with two cargo platforms front and rear and side rack. To power this Sherpa, Hero presents a diesel hybrid engine that can accommodate an optional turbo - 150Tdi !


As always with diesel engines, power is respectable with 15hp announced but the torque is more significant with 35Nm announced while the small electric motor is placed in the front hub (1kW) making from the RNT scooter a two wheel drive - its maximum speed is 70kph.

To complete its curriculum of ideal workmate, the LED headlight of the RNT is removable with an integrated battery.

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