(VIDEO) Randy Grubb’s tri-pod is an awesome Piaggio MP3 with aluminium body


Randy Grubb defines himself as "an automotive artist", he loves to create and transform vehicles into unique pieces, just like the tri- pods.

The tri-pods are part of the series "decopods" in which Randy redesigned two-wheeler (bi-pods based on Piaggio Fly 125) and three-wheeler with an all-aluminum body, the tri-pods are available with two different designs, one or two doors.


Built from a 250cc Piaggio Mp3, weight increases by only 30 pounds (13.6kg) compared to the original model. On the engine side, except a specific muffler, performances are standard while at the comfort level, the seat height and the handlebars have been lowered.

Compared to MP3, the new fairing gives it a more aerodynamic profile and more protection while allowing to go on the highway with a maximum speed of 70mph (113kph).

Randy Grubb works like in the old-time without computer to offer this riveted body reminiscent of the finest automobiles or aircraft, its dashboard also recalls undoubtedly those of a plane.

As you probably want one from now, know that only six units were built (3 of each) and Randy is foremost an artist and do not want to mass-produce them... For the info a unit was auctioned at Barrett -Jackson last year for $ 25,000...

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