(VIDEO) TE-S800 - a plug-in hybrid roadster for tuning fans at the Tokyo Auto Salon


TE-S800 is a roadster prototype created by the Toyota Engineering Society that has just been revealed on the Tokyo Auto Salon, after the concepts TES-ERA and Minute-S, TES surprises once again with a desirable vehicle that combines sportiness and efficiency.

Toyota_TE-S800_2014 (2).jpg

The TE-Spyder800 was designed by a team of Toyota engineers in their spare time from parts available from the brand. Thus, this plug-in hybrid roadster is essentially based on the components of the Prius but assembled with a sporty approach.

The selected base is the lastest generation of the Toyota MR2 receiving the 1.5L (1NZ-FE Otto cycle) of the Prius with a modified exhaust to reach 116hp at 6400rpms, then comes the 102hp electric motor from the Prius’ third generation coupled to the E-CVT transmission.
The battery is placed longitudinally in the floor to lower the center of gravity.


As a result the TE-S800 has a weight kept under the ton and goes from 0 to 100kph in 5.8secondes

No production scheduled but a demonstration of what can be done with limited resources...

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