Updated VW Polo opts for three-cylinder engines


New definition of efficiency, the range of three-cylinder engines expands at the heart of a 2014 Polo whose design evolves slightly for the occasion!


For this "new" Polo which will be presented in Geneva, the main changes happen under its skin, inside with an update of the center console and under the hood.
The overall look remains essentially the same but the lights appear larger.

2014_VW_Polo (4).jpg

Consumption and emissions of diesel engines lowered up to 21%

Arrival of brand new three-cylinder diesel engines, all based on a 1.4l displacement engine with powers of 75, 90 and 105hp.
The record goes to the new Bluemotion TDI whose consumption is listed at 3.2l/100km for emissions of 82g/km!

2014_VW_Polo (5).jpg

Petrol engines also opt massively for the three-cylinder architecture starting with the 1l 60hp and 75hp already known in the Up, then comes a new 1.2l offering 90 and 110hp - note that the Bluemotion version will feature the 1l tuned to 90hp while the BlueGT and its cylinder deactivation technology will have 150hp (+10 hp)

More about Volkswagen we use this article to tell you the rumor of a GTE codename for the plug-in hybrid version of the Golf ... Stay tuned!

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