Ferdinand Porsche’s first car was electric - Egger-Lohner C.2


Here is the first car designed and built by Ferdinand Porsche, it is the Egger-Lohner C.2 Phaeton presented in 1898.


We knew for the first hybrid car but a few years before, Ferdinand Porsche had also developed one of the most performant electric car of the time.

Also known as P1, this electric car developed 5hp in peak ( 3.7kW ) thanks to an overboost function and 2.2kW continuously, it could reach 35kph with a range of 80km thanks to a 12 speed controller with 6 forward, 2 reverse and 4 speeds for braking.


This car gets its P1 name because Ferdinand Porsche himself built most of the parts and engraved P1 inside - thus building the very first Porsche! 

For instance he built the 130kg electric motor while the 500kg battery came from Tudor.


Already attracted by competition and challenges Ferdinand Porsche entered a rally in 1899, 40km in Berlin on the occasion of an international car show, he finished 18 minutes before its second competitor thanks to a lower energy consumption.

Porsche_P1_1898_EV (2).jpg

Lost for many years, the car was found in an Austrian barn and bought by his little son Wolfgang Porsche, smartly restored thanks to an evocation of its original form with a plexiglas shell, it keeps the beautiful patina of time.

The Egger- Lohner C.2 Phaeton crowns the new exhibition at the Stutgart Museum and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the brand. Surely this car deserved to be featured in our Green Classic category!
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