(VIDEO) The Nissan Zeod RC is powered by a 40kg, 400hp three-cylinder!


Nissan already announced its participation at Le Mans in 2014 under the "Garage 56" - which leaves each year the opportunity for an innovative vehicle to participate in the famous Le Mans 24 Hours – with the ZEOD RC. Nissan has just revealed more informations on the engine that will power this prototype.

Nissan_ZEOD-RC (2).jpg

Indeed, the ZEOD RC is not a 100% electric vehicle as could be expected from the teasers : it actually features an electric drivetrain which will allow to achieve one lap without emissions (objective set by the brand), then, a very innovative engine will take over.
The DIG-T engine from the Zeod RC is more advanced than a Formula 1 engine according to Nissan! A new gasoline engine with impressive performances in an ultra compact format, 50cm high, 40cm long and 20 wide, it is a 1.5l three-cylinder that weighs only 40kg and yet develops 400hp and 380nm of torque!

This new engine reaching 7500rpms demonstrates the technological advances of the brand in terms of efficiency and downsizing. The Zeod RC inaugurates it and serve as a test for the future Nissan LMP1 that will host the DIG-T in 2015 !

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