(VIDEO) The Mc Laren P1 – hybrid hypercar tested on the Bahrein race track


Steve Sutcliffe journalist at Autocar had the privilege to test the hybrid hypercar McLaren on the Bahrein race track.

The McLaren P1 is a hybrid car that offers no less than 916hp with a 3.8l V8 developing 737hp but also a 179hp electric motor for a 0 to 100kph in just 2.8 seconds...
A limited production of 300 superlative units sold at more than one million € and apparently all of them are already sold!

Now, I let you enjoy the car’s loudness and gear changes in a few milliseconds thanks to a dual-clutch transmission, intelligent and adaptable car at the image of the mobile spoiler.

Steve Sutcliffe had already tried the 918 Spyder and was very impressed at the time, here's how he describes the P1: "This thing goes to another level"!


To prove those figures, the McLaren hybrid hypercar achieved a lap of the Nurburgring under 7 minutes - but the brand does not reveal the exact figure. For the record the 918 Spyder holds a 6minutes 57 record.

Steve Sutcliffe only has to drive LaFerrari to be among the luckiest automotive journalists in the world!

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