(VIDEO) Carlos Ghosn drives the Renaullt Next Two - Autonomous Zoé


Zoé Next Two, we already talked about it there a few weeks ago, Renault has just published a post with information about the car and its development of the first demonstrations were also held with Carlos Ghosn , VRP luxury independent Renault technology.

Renault_Zoé_Next-Two (3).jpg

The Zoé Next Two is a prototype of autonomous vehicle equipped with cameras and sensors, Renault follows the footsteps of its sister company Nissan which already presented and tests an autonomous Nissan Leaf.

For the moment, the Zoe Next Two authorizes autonomous driving up to 30kph - ideal for traffic jams - and high-speed connectivity to surf on internet or even video conferencing when the car is driving for you, Next Two also offers a multimedia platform compatible with all the smartphone operating systems.

Renault_Zoé_Next-Two (2).jpg

Finally, Renault confirms a launch of this technology before 2020.

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