The Batmobile golf cart - Tumbler by Marc Irvine


The company Marc's Creature Company based in Los Angeles develops specifically for the movie industry animated characters, robots. Starting from a chassis of golf cart they transformed it into Batmobile, the Tumbler to be sure not to get unnoticed on the greens !


The Tumbler is an all-terrain vehicle that looks like a tank of the future that you saw in Batman Begins , Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises.

Marc Irvin’s electric Batmobile (founder of Marc's Creature Company over 20 years ago) is based on a  Golf cart but is highly modiffied, the powertrain, the engine and suspension for a real Tumbler look, we note for example four wheel at the rear distinctive feature of Batman’s last vehicle, as its turbine and of course the matte black paint! However, despite these changes, the 6hp of the electric motor allows a 60kph max speed, however it becomes more comfortable with leather seats and above all 4 cupholders!

Mini_Tumbler_Batman_EV (3).jpg

Marc announces a price of $ 32,000 if the vehicle was produced or a conversion kit at $ 9,500.

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