(VIDEO) BYD Qin, 299hp Chinese plug-in hybrid sedan aims for Europe


BYD just launched the Qin, a rechargeable petrol hybrid sedan, it targets international markets with the arrival of a similar model, although probably renamed announced for early 2015.

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After Qoros, another Chinese manufacturer eyes the international market - with a plug-in hybrid sedan. To get to our standards and security levels it receives tire pressure sensors, electric handbrake, Isofix points, ESP, 12 airbags and even internet connectivity and dedicated cloud !

The powertrain of the BYD Qin is based on the BYD F3DM (dual mode), the petrol engine is a 1.5l that is assisted by two electric motors for a total output of 299hp and 479 nm in sport mode while consumption of the eco hybrid mode is only 1.6l/100km.

Indeed the combination of the petrol engine and electric motors provides four driving modes: EV+ECO, EV+SPORT, HEV+ECO and HEV+SPORT

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In this mode, performances are a 0 to 100kph in 5.9secondes and a maximum speed of 185kph while in electric only, range is 70km! Interesting - at least on paper...

According to the brand, the first 100 units of the car have been sold in just two seconds in China where it is priced between € 23,725 and € 26,225.

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