Electric Andros Trophy, mid-season at Isola 2000


The Andros Trophy always takes place in the winter between two years, while we covered the beginning of the season on December 11 in Val Thorens, the Isola event this weekend announces mid-season, the ideal timing for an update!


At the Isola event, the first round was won by Christophe FERRIER in front of Louis GERVOSON and Nathanaël BERTHON, the second round goes to BERTHON, FERRIER and Franck LAGORCE.

These podiums confirm the general standing in which FERRIER, BERTHON and LAGORCE dominate at respectively 271, 245 and 244 points, the second and third of the podium are in a handkerchief distant by only a point, followed by GERVOSON and Vincent BELTOISE but they are bit far to worry the podium…


But knowing that the first pilots can earn up to 60 points per round everything is not written yet for Christophe FERRIER, winner of last year in front of Franck LAGORCE!
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