NAIAS 2014: Audi allroad shooting brake, the adventurer in two door version


Here is the one that was announced in early December for the NAIAS by a first sketch. For now, its official name is the allroad shooting brake, even-though it may well be the Q2, it is a sports recreational vehicle featuring the e-tron quattro technology.


This allroad shooting brake provides "a concrete look into the near future" understand a model to follow very soon!

Most compact and sporty version ever of the famous Allroad versions with two doors and 4.20m , its hybrid drivetrain inaugurates the e-tron quattro tech in a concept-car, a four-wheel drive hybrid powertrain for a combined output of 300kW: 408hp and 650nm with a consumption announced to only 1.9l/100km and range of 820km!


In detail, the four-cylinder gasoline 2.0TFSI offers 292hp and 380nm, a first electric motor providing 40kW and 270nm is placed on the transmission e-S Tronic, this electric motor also serves as a generator to recharge the battery. 

The second electric motor placed on the rear axle develops an additional 85kW and 270nm, the 8.8kWh battery is located just in front of the axle and allows 50km range in electric only.

Audi_Allroad_shooting-brake (2).jpg

To complete its specs-sheet, its total weight is listed at 1600kg for a 0 to 100kph in 4.6secondes and emissions of 45g/km!

The powertrains management can be automatic depending on the conditions or manual via the select drive - EV - hybrid or sport.
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