(Green Classic) Motoplan the microcar & cylinder car that was worth $ 100,000!


In 1957 a German engineer Carl Jurisch invented the Motoplan, an avant-garde single-person car, he was actually convinced that it was the vehicle of the future, personal and compact!

Motoplan_Jurscher (2).jpg
Carl Jurisch’s Motoplan is based on a sidecar fitted with three wheels, two in front and one at the rear, a mini convertible with a soft top with an entrance via a cockpit like in jet-fighters.

The engine of this micro-car was a one-cylinder 173cm3 powering the rear wheel. Developing 10hp, it allowed the Motoplan to reach 88kph thanks to a 4-speed gearbox.

About marketing, it was a failure and only three prototypes were built. On this three prototypes, the only survivor was auctioned last year at $103,500 !

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