(VIDEO) Tabby by OSVehicle, the first open source electric car priced just over € 3,000!


OSVehicle is an Italian company that has developed an innovative modular platform so that everyone can create its ideal vehicle!

Tabby by OSVehicle is a chassis available in two and four-seater versions, it can be assembled in one hour !
From this chassis, OSVehicle offers electric, hybrid and gasoline powertrains each time with three power variants, limited, basic and performance.

100% open source, the company gives you the possibility to download 2D and 3D models, combine it with modeling software and a 3D printer, you get endless possibilities! On their site you can also find a multilingual forum to exchange models and experiences.

Urban_Tabby_osvehicle (2).jpg

The chassis is sold naked but the OSVehicle sells seats, wheels and even offers a body kit to make it road legal, the Urban Tabby presented at the EICMA show

Urban_Tabby_osvehicle (3).jpg

Price of the OSVehicle Tabby :

- Naked chassis € 500
- Battery € 698 (24kg 12V 60Ah lead-acid)
- Electric powertrain is the limited version € 1.520, it offers 4kW continuous and 9.5kW in peak for a torque of 21nm and speed limited to 45kph , the performance version displays 15kW and speeds up to 100kph
-And finally € 338 for wheels and 80€ for seats

A total of € 3,136 for a working electric car ... Well done !

About the hybrid engine, it is called “Integrated hybrid engine” a hybrid 125cc offering from 10 to 15kW of power.

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