French market of electric and hybrid vehicles in 2013, it doubles!


The French association that promotes electric mobility Avere just released the sales figures of electric and hybrid vehicles for the year 2013, the development of models and government incentive allow a 50% increase for electric cars and 60% for hybrid compared to 2012 !

Renault is the champion of electric cars, while Toyota and PSA dominate the hybrid market!

Top sales of electric cars in 2013

The Renault Zoe is the big winner with 5511 units registered (out of 8779), then comes the Nissan Leaf, Bolloré BlueCar and Smart ForTwo ED, the rest of the market, 694 units of passenger cars, is not detailed.


For utility vehicles, the increase is also significant with +42 % and still the Kangoo ZE which accounts for 75% of the market.


Hybrid car market in France in 2013 (petrol and diesel)

First finding the gap between sales of petrol hybrid and diesel hybrid grows, volume increases slowly for diesels while petrol hybrid almost doubled (+82 %). The combined increase reaches 60%...


The diesel hybrid market is dominated by PSA with 13,400 units out of 13,986 total sales while Toyota between the hybrid Yaris, Auris and Prius reaches 27,536 units on 32,799 total sales.

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