SC-1 Biposto - a two-seater design velomobile!


Scuderie Campari is an Italian company that manufactures pedal cars for children - upscale and elegant - their unique model Mira is based on cars of the 50s, precisely the Ferrari 375 Indy from 1952.

Pedal cars of the Scuderie Campari make you regret to be too old to drive them… Carbon monocoque body, carbon/kevlar wheels and even a Nardi steering wheel!

Therefore, to meet every father’s wish, the Scuderie Campari has partnered with the designer Christian Grande to present the SC-1 Biposto, a magnificent concept of two-seater velomobile, an electrically assisted pedal-car.

ScuderiaCampari_SC-1_Biposto (3).jpg

Christian Grande received no fewer than 15 awards for his nautical and automotive designs, explaining why the SC-1 Biposto is flawless, it speaks directly to collectors using the codes of racing cars of the 20s with its long hood and wired wheels at the four corners of the body, all with a modern touch that makes this vehicle even more desirable.

ScuderiaCampari_SC-1_Biposto (2).jpg

No specs-sheet yet but we crave to see it in the flesh!

Several versions will be offered, leisure models or more sporty in carbon with disc brakes!

Built to order, tailor-made in their Parma workshop, customization options are vast, from the exterior design through colors and equipment... Stay tuned!
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