Zoé Next Two, Renault’s autonomous vehicle due for 2018!


After presenting a prototype of Fluence with driving assist technologies PAMU (urban mobility platform) designed to revolutionize car-sharing and developed in partnership with the Council of the Yvelines - Renault announces the Zoé Next!

In the footsteps of Volvo which will test autonomous cars on open road this year, the Nissan Leaf in Japan and Google that has been doing it for several years... Renault announces that they will test the Next Two on the road from 2014 !

Premiered last year during the Paris LeWeb13 show, at the time, mostly the car’s connectivity was put forward : a car (always) connected (2G , 3G, 4G) and allowing access to applications or web pages when the car is driving itself.

Indeed, the Next Two is an autonomous car that uses ultrasonic sensors, cameras and a radar – for speeds up to 30kph at the moment.

"The Next has already traveled 5,000 kilometers in autonomous driving and will be tested on the road in 2014 for marketing in 2018, 2020" , Frederic Mathis Renault innovation project manager.

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