BlackTie After 5- a carbon electric bike prototype, or how to end the year with style!


To close this year we found a prototype of carbon electric carbon designed by Absolute Design for BlackTie two Croatian companies.


Although revealed earlier this year for a release in March 2013 these prototypes didn’t got the press they deserved! Their design is interesting, sleek and the technology proven. Indeed, these prototypes of electric bikes (pedelec) receive the BionX technology, an in-wheel motor and a LCD display.

BlackTie_After5_pedelec (2).jpg

The BlackTie After 5 features a carbon monocoque frame with an integrated battery in the downtube, cables (brakes and gears) also go through the frame to strengthen the sleekness of the After 5.

About the BionX kit used nothing is specified but it must be a 250Watt , the battery capacity is not revealed either, but the screen seems to show up to 80km of range!


To end this brief specs-sheet, the wheels are 29 inches and the total weight is announced at 17.8kg, two disc brakes are in charge of braking.

Absolute Design is a company founded by two transportation & automotive designers Verdan Martinek and Dario Dropucic they have already presented several concepts and prototypes, including the Visiobike to which they also contributed from design to industrialization!

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