(VIDEO) London’s Blackcab getting greener : Range Extended METROCAB by Ecotive

Update of November 26 article with the specs-sheet of the Metrocab Taxi and a new video

Here's the good resolution of the famous English BlackCab for 2014 - it turns white and gets a range extender !

The Metrocab is a vehicle by Ecotive,  a company that develops since 2007 (in partnership with Frazer-Nash) an electric taxi with range extender which has been presented this week to Boris Johnson. London’s Mayor took place inside a preproduction model, here it is briefly before its official reveal expected within 20 days!


The Ecotive Metrocab is an electric taxi, which is supported by a Euro5, 1l petrol range extender.

Tailored made for this drivetrain and the needs of cab drivers it has two electric motors (2x50kw) powering the rear wheels, a Lithium Ion battery and a 75mpg UK fuel consumption (3.8l per 100km ), three times better than before!

It can welcome six passengers and has a large glass roof to enjoy the city

2014_Metrocab_Frazer-Nash (2).jpg

The official launch will take place in 20 days along with the final specs-sheet (including the displacement of the engine and its emissions), the first trials will begin in the first weeks of 2014.

Its combined range reaches 560km will it emits less than 50g per km.

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