Ford Model E, a new concept-car about to be revealed?


Nothing confirmed by the brand yet but Ford Motor Company has trademarked the Model E name in the American patent office.

The name Model E is obviously referring to the legendary Model T but also E for electric... Is it a neo retro concept-car?


Ford and electrified models

Ford has a range of hybrids and plug-in hybrids, respectively sold under the names of Hybrid and Energi, like the C-Max for instance, about the electric models, only the Focus has a 100% electric version!

Ford and technology

Ford is one of the manufacturers that emphasizes the most on the democratization of technology in series vehicles and even revealed a prototype of autonomous Fusion Hybrid last week, however they are relatively quiet with concept-cars... Hopefully, this Ford Model E will surprise!

Ford trademarked the name early in December, so we can expect the reveal of this concept for next year and why not at the Detroit Auto Show that will open its doors next month!

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