Enjoy: car sharing by Fiat & ENI in Milan


ENI - Italian giant specialized in oil and gas has revealed this week a car-sharing service designed for the city of Milan, a patriotic service, 100% Italian!

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Following a call for tenders issued by the city to relieve the city-center Enjoy will offer to the Milanese 650 vehicles, 600 Fiat 500 and 50 Fiat 500L from the beginning of next year.

This is the third car-sharing service, but the most patriotic because in addition to Fiat & ENI, the main protagonists, Trenitalia the local railways, join the project as it complements their offer.
Otherwise, Milan already has Daimler’s Car2Go and GuidaMi, also a local service allowing to rent several types of car, for city-car to utility vehicle, a service operated by the municipality (ATM - Azienda Trasporti Milanesi).

Enjoy highlights its flexibility, no registration fee, € 0.25 per minute for the first 50 kilometers and then € 0.25 per kilometer - € 0.10 if the car is in stand-by, parked - and no limit of rental time! Everything is included, insurance, maintenance, fuel, parking...

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Cars are easily recognizable to their red color, they can be used in Zone C of Milan in one-way and have the right to park in spaces usually reserved for residents and even have dedicated parking locations.
Booking can be done online, via phone or an app.

Enjoy is also the name that ENI gives to a more global mobility service that develops an application to find parking spaces in real-time. They plan to expand their car-sharing service in other Italian cities and in Europe!
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