VW: electric sedan for China (FAW - Volkswagen)


With the e-Up and e-Golf barely launched, Volkswagen announces to work (by the voice of a supplier) on an electric sedan with the Protean Electric technology, in-wheel motors

The American company has actually revealed a partnership to develop an electric drive train with FAW - VW, a joint-venture established in 1991 between a local manufacturer owned by the government and the VW group.

Protean Electric is specialized in in-wheel motors and electric propulsion, Brabus for instance trusted them for the E-Class High Performance 4WD prototype presented at the IAA 2011 ...
The partnership aims to develop a prototype and put it in production , indeed the technology developed by Volkswagen in-house is presumably too expensive for the Chinese market!


This vehicle will be based on the Bora with rear-wheel drive via two in-wheel motors allowing to keep a cargo capacity worthy of a sedan (motor and controller included in the wheel ) each weighs 34kg and can deliver up to 75kW in peak.
This technology also maximizes the efficiency of energy regeneration.

The partnership began unofficially several months ago, therefore, the first running prototype will be presented next year!

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