Autonomous cars - a new vision of the automobile (Zoox, Rinspeed XchangE)


In the future we will still have cars but won’t look at the road, it is an undeniable evolution of the automobile, the autonomous driving technology is democratizing in prototypes and even series vehicles!

Here are two concepts with different approach , Rinspeed Xchange and ZooX , one for long journeys , the other more urban. 

Rinspeed Xchange

Rinspeed which focuses increasingly on autonomous vehicles such as the MicroMax presented last year at the Geneva Motor Show reiterates this year with the concept Xchange, an autonomous sedan.

Xchange seeks to redefine travelling, the car becomes an high-tech lounge with screens and keyboards to work and play in first class seats.

Rinspeed_Xchange (2).jpg

The steering wheel is mounted on a rail and can be placed in the middle of the dashboard thanks to the “steer by wire” technology. More information to follow on the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Zoox Boz

Zoox presented a project at the Connected Car Expo of the 2013 LA Auto Show, no more driver, only passengers!

A high-tech carbon composite construction printed or laser sintered, an electric vehicle fully imagined for autonomous driving and car sharing, this is a new mobility classified as Level 4 by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) maximum autonomous abilities. The company ZooX gave it the name of Boz .

Zoox_Boz_EV_autonomous (9).jpg

True capsule with four wheel drive and steering, its design is symmetrical front / rear. Boz focuses on privacy and performance, bidirectional and without windshield to allow significant acoustic and thermal gains, it does not either have a hood and of course its propulsion is electric!
The direction of the vehicle is announced by LEDs

Designed for these regions at the image of California with little public transportation and long distances to go... ZooX announces that Boz could be on the road by 2021!

Are autonomous cars for tomorrow?

Besides these avant-garde concept cars, many manufacturers already test autonomous driving technologies, the new S-Class for instance can already drive almost autonomously on the highway... By 2020, we should see a significant percentage of autonomous cars on the road!
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