Hyundai confirms its love story with hydrogen - Intrado / HED-9


Hyundai is one of the most committed manufacturers in the use of hydrogen powertrains, the HEC- 9 or Intrado expected for Geneva 2014 confirms this trend!


Indeed, the Korean brand sells the ix35 Fuel-Cell, an SUV with an hydrogen powertrain that allows Hyundai to develop its know-how thanks to feedbacks, a new fuel cell technology - more compact and lighter than the ix35 will be inaugurated in the Hyundai Intrado – a name inspired by aviation and aerodynamics.

For the record, Honda, also attracted by the hydrogen technology, presented a concept with a new generation fuel-cell in the FCEV at the Los Angeles – and Mercedes regularly updates its F-Cell technology.

The HEC-9 also adopts an ultra-lightweight innovative structure designed using advanced materials and a new production technique.

Developed in collaboration between design teams, the R&D center of Hyundai Europe, and engineers, the Hyundai Intrado lines are inspired by the "Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 ", a new guideline for the brand.
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