(VIDEO) Formula E: Gildo Pallanca Pastor + Leonardo Di Caprio = Venturi Grand Prix


The French seem determined to draw media coverage on them for the Formula E Championship after e.Dams who teamed-up with Alain Prost, the most obvious team waited until the last moment to make themselves known.


Barely a week after the start of their electric superbike, the Voxan Whatman, Venturi announced its latest challenge by entering the Formula E Championship supported by Leonardo DiCaprio! This is not the first time that the American actor is supporting electric mobility, you will recall, for example, that he was of the first individuals to receive his Fisker Karma – as a shareholder of the company founded by Henrik Fisker... Or riding an e-bike in New York!

"The future of our planet depends on our ability to adopt cleaner and energy efficient vehicles ," said Leonardo DiCaprio

Gildo Pallanca Pastor and Leonardo Di Caprio are the co-founders of this new "Venturi Grand Prix Formula E" team and although they will have to use the Spark-Renault SRT_01E for the first season, the second year Venturi already plans on presenting an electric openwheeler derived from their record vehicle, the VBB-3 (Venturi Buckeye Bullet)!

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