(VIDEO) Ryno: electric unicycle now available in a limited series at $5295


We already told the story of Chris Hoffman, an engineer entrepreneur who developed a single-person electric transporter with one wheel, the Ryno!

The task was daunting and like many ambitious projects it could have remained a prototype but the Ryno finally sees production thanks to its creator will!

2013_Ryno (5).jpg2013_Ryno (3).jpg

Sold from next year, the Ryno has a saddle, handlebar, footrests and dampers but a single wide 25-inch wheel, this non-identified vehicle (NIV) holds balance thanks to gyroscopes.

Specs sheet of the Ryno by Ryno Motors

It weighs 72.5kg and can withstand up to 113kg , its removable SLA batteries allow 16km of range while the maximum speed is set at 16kph.

No throttle, to go forward or brake just lean and sensors will do the job - Segway way - with a maximum angle of 15 % front or rear

2013_Ryno (4).jpg

The battery can be exchanged and / or recharged in 4.5hours, the Ryno will be manufactured by hand in the US in small quantities at a price of $ 5,295

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