(VIDEO) Copenhagen Wheel - it arrives in Spring 2014 price from $699


A few weeks ago we presented the electrification kit FlyKly - a newcomer - but today, one of the pioneers of the sector whose development seemed suspended announced its launch!


SuperPedestrian launches the Copenhagen Wheel

Originally presented in 2010 it keeps its unmistakable red color, the years of development in Cambridge, MA have reduced the costs to provide a commercially viable product with a price of $ 799 (for the record the FlyKly is announced at $ 599), but also more reliable / viable components that now allow 50km of range.
About power, two versions will be available in the U.S. it will develop 350Watt, and 250Watt in Europe to meet the pedelec standards - with respective maximum speeds of 32 and 25kph.

Copenhagen_wheel_2013 (2).jpg

The $ 699 announced are a launch price for the first 1,000 units, the Copenhagen Wheel will be then sold at $ 799.

Completely wireless, it communicates via Bluetooth with the Smartphone application, the 48V Lithium battery is removable, charging takes 4 hours for 1,000 cycles.
The Copenhagen Wheel has regenerative braking activated in downhill or by the back-pedaling, the total weight is announced at 5.9kg.

Copenhagen_wheel_2013 (2).jpg

Finally, the Copenhagen Wheel serves as lock via the dedicated application that also gives you statistics about your journey and effort.
Currently available in pre-order in the United States only the Copenhagen Wheel will arrive next spring.

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