(VIDEO) Zinoro 1E launch of the electric X1 designed for China only


At the Guangzhou Auto Show, Zinoro, a brand born from the alliance between BMW and Brilliance revealed the series version of the electrified X1 called 1E.

Zinoro_e1_ev (4).jpg

First born of the joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive BBA, the X1 design remains, only the rear lights and grille change, however the finish quality must also undergo some costs reduction...

This SUV Zinoro E1 is driven by an electric motor of 130kW (173hp) which delivers 250 nm torque, however it receives a local lithium phosphate battery with less capacity than lithium ion used in most European EVs, therefore the car weighs 1900kg but has a 50:50 weight distribution thanks to a cell distribution placed equally at the front and rear, its range is 150km and recharge takes 7.5h

Zinoro_e1_ev (2).jpg

The 130kW motor is probably derived from the BMW i3 since it offers the same power and torque.
The maximum speed is listed at 130kph and 0 to 50kph in 5.5 seconds, launch next year in China.

No marketing announced elsewhere in Europe, its price is not revealed yet.

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