SymbioFCell: an hydrigen fuel cell as range extender – ALP5


The French company SymbioFCell has successfully developed with the CEA a new fuel cell technology and wants to market it to local authorities to extend the range of their electric vehicles.

This technology achieves one of the most advanced efficiency ratio with 2.9kW per liter.


The idea is to provide a turnkey solution with installation of the fuel cell on the vehicle and even the possibility of having an hydrogen charging station.

The new technology also allows to quickly reach economies of scale with 50-70 % reduction in cost at 5,000 units produced!


SymbioFCell is a young company created in 2010 – they now want to raise money to start production.
The range extender solution is already offered in the Kangoo ZE -> HyKangoo but also bigger utility vehicles such as Maxity for example.
This ALP solution is scalable for example in the HyKangoo it is the ALP10 a 7kW RE that doubles the range, from 160 to 320km.

The ALP5 in turn is a 5kW range extender.

Within 15 days a strategic partnership for the rapid deployment of the technology will be announced.

To return to a more sporty registry SymbioFCell developed the technology that powers the Green GT with 300 kW.
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