H-Ker Electric Racer : the electric café racer we crave for


H- Ker is a French company that we presented several times, in 2011 they announced to be working on electric racing motorcycles designed for beginners, then on a monotype championship with the eCup and very recently on a road legal electric bike with retro look, the H-Ker Electric Racer, here are the first infos!

H-Ker electric racer.jpg

This vintage styled electric motorcycle is available in three colors and very limited edition of three units :

Dark and light gray metal but also british green and brown, finally cream and brown leather, we cannot wait to see this! By the way the specs of the bikes are identical.

The specs-sheet of the H-Ker Electric Racer offers 35hp for a 160kg motorcycle with a mixed 140km range "and much more in the city" for a price of € 16,900


However the good news is subdued because only 24 hours after having revealed the first images of the prototype, H- Ker must review its schedule and suspend the rest of their activities in 2014 due to a problem of battery sourcing - their supplier doesn’t have enough production capacity! The company needs to start over from zero to research and test new batteries...For the First and eCup

H-Ker electric racer (8).jpg

Consequently, the world premiere of the H- Ker Electric Racer supposed to take place at the Paris Bike Show in early next December is postponed !
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