Electric Mazda 2 gets a rotary range-extender - Demio RE


To achieve its objectives - 5 new models within three years, Mazda is working on vehicles and powertrains, specialists of the Wankel (rotary engine) Mazda has revealed on the Tokyo Motor Show a prototype of electric Mazda 2, Mazda 2 RE equipped with a range-extender based on a rotary engine.


On the Tokyo Motor Show Mazda focuses on hybrid technologies with the Mazda 3 SkyActiv Hybrid in world premiere but also another demonstrator... The Demio EV or Mazda 2 electric in development since 2011, this version 2013 adopts a range extender for an improved flexibility.

Although less innovative than the BMW i3 in the form, this would be one of the only compact electric cars to feature this range extender technology.

While BMW uses a motorcycle 600cc twin cylinder, thanks to the Wankel technology a simple 330cc is enough to produce 30hp at 4500trs/min, transformed into 20kW through the generator.

2013_Mazda2_RE (1).jpg

With the 9liters tank included, the powertrain weighs only 100kg.
This Mazda range extender allows to double the range of the Mazda 2 EV electric with emissions of just 13g/km!

2013_Mazda2_RE (2).jpg

No production announced yet but an interesting technology in the genes of the brand!

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