(VIDEO) Range Rover 3.0l Diesel Hybrid SDV6 specs – the 44mpg Range


The introduction of the hybrid technology was announced at the launch of the new Range in September 2012 - the complete specs sheet of the first Hybrid Range Rover has been revealed.


Indeed the L405 Range Rover is the most innovative and efficient ever built, up to 420kg lighter compared to the L322, the new Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport version opt for a SDV6 hybrid powertrain.

Land Rover had already presented several prototypes of electric and plug-in cars but ultimately it is a parallel hybrid version that sees production, weight increase stands at a little more than 200kg (2394kg) compared with conventional combustion engines.

RangeRover-Hybrid_L405 (3).jpg

Specs of the hybrid Range Rover

The ones of the Sport are not revealed but the classic Range has 340hp and 700nm in combined mode (292hp for the combustion only SDV6), coupled to the ZF 8-speed transmission, the 0 to 100kph is announced in 6.9seconds for emissions of just 169g/km and a combined consumption of 6.4l.100km ( 44.1mpg ) !

RangeRover-Hybrid_L405 (8).jpg

About is price nothing officially announced yet but you can presumably add between 5,000 and €10,000 to the SDV6.

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