Kawasaki J urban electric 3-wheeler transforms as a sport bike - showcases the Gigacell technology

Update of November 22nd with a video

On the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Kawasaki presented a demonstrator of electric vehicle with three wheels, a high-tech concept to house and present their nickel metal battery technology called GigaCell.

Kawasaki_J_Concept_EV (2).jpg

Indeed Kawasaki has developed in-house a Nickel-Metal hybrid battery that charge and discharge quickly as a super capacitor, a technology similar to the one adopted by Bolloré for example, safer since it runs at cooler temperatures and is not flammable, but also more environmentally friendly because not based on toxic compounds such as lithium, recycling is also easier .

This proprietary technology has an energy density of 21Wh/kg .
Kawasaki is already considering stationary applications for solar and wind power, but for now it will be used in short-term on the next generation SWIMO tram!

So no specs-sheet yet for this J Concept but a statement of intent regarding electric vehicles with two wheels or more!

Kawasaki_J_Concept_EV (2).jpg
Kawasaki_J_Concept_EV (2).jpg

The Kawasaki J offers two driving positions, comfort with a wide wheelbase between the two front wheels and a high position for the city and the sport mode.

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