(VIDEO ) e-Volo VC200 maiden flight of the pre-production model!


End of 2011, the company e-volo presented an electric helicopter, a multirotor prototype, a flying machine with vertical takeoff capability fitted with a multitude of engines and propellers for safety.

Since then the founder of the company Alexander Zosel received a lot of support and funds that helped him develop its “volocopters”.

On January 4, 2013 we presented the renderings of its evolution, the VC200, about 10 months later the VC200 just completed its maiden flight!


The VC200 is operated via a joystick and welcomes two passengers 18 propellers allow it to fly, they are spread over six arms, each arm is powered by a separate battery pack.

To manage these 18 propellers, 20 independent computers control the flight - each being to fly the VC200 on its own - the VC200 also has a reserve to allow landing even with little energy available .

2013_e-volo_VC200 (2).jpg

The first flight took place in Karlsruhe this week, the VC200 took off several times and reached 22m of altitude - paving the way for production "in the years to come".

The final version should offer a 54knots - 100kph cruising speed with a maximum altitude of 6500ft (1981m) and a range of one hour.

On November 27th e-Volo will launch a crowdfunding campaign in order to continue the development of its prototypes.

New aircraft category on its own, the VC200 and e-Volo can rely on the experience of their partner www.asctec.de - Ascending Technologies - specialized in UAV that already sold more 1000 units!

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