(VIDEO) Yamaha MOTIV.e – an electric microcar in partnership with Gordon Murray


We presented the two wheelers that Yamaha was announcing for the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show a few weeks ago... But today we learn that the Japanese brand still had a surprise announcement, an electric citycar, the Yamaha Motiv.e designed in collaboration with Gordon Murray!


Indeed a few months back the English designer Gordon Murray announced that he sold the rights of its microcars T25 (petrol) and T27 (electric) but mostly its innovative manufacturing process called iStream!

Yamaha_Motiv-e_2013 (12).jpg

Yamaha diversifies with electric citycars

After motorcycles, scooters, quads and three-wheelers, Yamaha therefore aims at the micro car market with a 2.69m two-seater electric city car. Thanks to the iStream technology it weighs only 730kg allowing it to display a range of 160km from only 7.2kWh of battery.

Yamaha_Motiv-e_2013 (14).jpg

The Yamaha's Motiv.e electric motor develops 15kW in continuous and 25kW in peak, it powers the rear wheels up to the 105kph max speed.

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