Honda Uni-Cub β, more compact and closer to series production


Honda continues to develop their personal transportation vehicle, on the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show they present the latest evolution of the Uni-Cub, the Uni- Cub beta.


The story between Honda and single person vehicles goes back to 2009 with the U3- X concept fitted with the omnidirectional wheel technology. Two years later and based on the same technology , the name Uni-Cub is born with a first prototype – already updated in 2012 - before this new version that gets closer to commercial reality.

This personal mobility device is like a driveable mini seat with a main wheel and a second which acts as stabilizer and steering, therefore, the Uni- Cub is stable and easy to handle.

Honda_Uni-Cub_beta_2013 (2).jpg

Since its introduction in 2012, the Uni- Cub is tested in the Japanese National Museum of Miraikan dedicated to Innovation, which allowed Honda teams to get a feedback and present today a more compact and lighter version while offering the same capabilities.

More ergonomic with a lower seat for improved accessibility to a wider range of people, it weighs 25kg and can reach 6kph with a range of 6km.
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