EICMA: Tacita T-Race first electric motorcycle with range extender


Tacita is an Italian brand that buzzed last year by entering a rally with an electric motorcycle, since, the brand capitalizes on this experience and focuses on this segment with three versions of the model T-Race.


Indeed, in late 2012, we introduced the T-Race prototype – for the 2013 EICMA show Tacita reveals three versions with flexible battery capacities from 3.3kWh to 10.6kWh.

All the models receive a five-speed gearbox with hydraulic clutch and have regenerative braking. The electric motor provides 9kW of continuous power and 27kW in peak but also in 60nm torque!

The Tacita range extender for electric motorcycle

To our knowledge, this is world first: a semi-automatic generator (programmed to start at a certain level of charge remaining - configurable) it works with E10 and even if the power available is then limited (50kph max speed) it is usefull for emergency cases! The range extender weighs 15kg and is powered by a 10 liter tank.

The three variants of Tacita T-Race

T-RE Enduro with 3.3 to 10.6kWh of battery for a price listed between €20.000 and € 30.000 excluding VAT

As an example the version 5.3 offers a range of "30 minutes to 2 hours" depending on whether you opt for the Eco or Sports mode - two chargers are available 1 or 3kW for a charge in 1:50 or 5:30 respectively

T-RR it is the rally version available with 8 or 10.6kWh


T -RC Cross in 3.3 or 4kWh, price about 20,000 €

To provide a total solution for eco rallying the T-Station is a solar trailer that allows more energy independence.

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