(VIDEO) Tokyo: electric motorcycles for Yamaha and a modular monocoque powertain - Smart Power Module

Update of November 9th article with a video of the Yamaha PES1 prototype

The info could have emerged from the EICMA show, but Yamaha chose its native country to present prototypes of electric bikes and a scooter!

On the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha presents no fewer than 19 models, including its new 125cc three wheeler - the Tricity. These electric two -wheelers are a statement of intent, but also the presentation of a modular propulsion system Yamaha Smart Power Module.

Indeed the four concepts are based on two powertrains, a small one that powers the electric scooter EVINO and children electric motorcycle Ekids - the second Yamaha Smart Power module is more powerful to provide enough power to the prototypes :


Not much info on the specs sheet for the moment but the module incorporates brushless electric motor, Lithium Ion batteries for a weight under 100kg with a very open and dynamic design.


Cross Version – same module for a weight under 85kg

For the record, Yamaha already offers a range of pedelecs in Japan and presents a premium version, the YPJ-01 with classic frame and vintage look with the brown leather.
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