EQ Sharing: launch of an electric car-sharing service in Milano


Milan has just launched an electric car-sharing service, called EQ Sharing, it offers to rent small urban electric vehicles in 15 stations across the city


Service Operation

By phone through operators, via a dedicated app or finally on internet.
Then, to start the vehicle you just need to be equipped with the SmartCard given during registration.

The car – FREEDUC by Ducati Energia

It is a micro-car sold by an Italian company, it has two seats and offers 40km of range, its speed is limited to 45kph.

The service offers parking facilities on sites usually forbidden eg delivery.
Launched for Milan’s World Expo - the city had to offer such a service already adopted by many European cities to show the example!
After this first fleet over 15 stations, EQ Sharing should grow in the coming months!
This system is operated in partnership with Bee.it which launched the first electric car-sharing initiative in Italy in 2013 and plans on 200 vehicles and 120 charging stations by the end of 2014 in Napoli and its suburbs - Bee uses Renault Twizy.
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