(VIDEO) Nissan BladeGlider the Deltawing in road legal and electric


After having put an engine in the Deltawing - a race car prototype designed for endurance races – and after the ZEOD RC, the unprecedented profile of the car seems to strongly interest the Nippon brand, the BladeGLider is its ultimate expression!

Nissan_BladeGlider (2).jpg

The deltoid shape, a narrow front end (only 1 meter large) and wide at the rear with the driver seating alone in front promises a driving experience out of all our automotive references while the weight distribution 30/70 should allow some impressive lateral G’s.

Nissan_BladeGlider (4).jpg

The idea of Francois Bancon responsible of the car’s design is to revolutionize the vehicle’s architecture and provoke new emotions - in the image of this new mobility, electric!

Nissan_BladeGlider (3).jpg

The Nissan BladeGlider previews a production vehicle a technology demonstrator that will be fitted with in-wheel motors, two independent motors on the rear wheels, a first for Nissan.

However its specs sheet is not revealed for now but the BladeGlider is a concept and philosophy until we get more infos at its unveiling on the Tokyo Motor Show in a few weeks.

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