(VIDEO) Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota shows tomorrow’s Prius (FCV Concept) and an urban microcar

Update of November 5th article with videos of the concepts

At its launch the Prius was ahead of its time in terms of design and powertrain, with the FCV concept, Toyota insists on its willingness to launch a hydrogen vehicle in series production by 2015.

Toyota FCV

This is a world first, after the FCV- R introduced in late 2011, the FCV Concept announces a near series production version that would allow the brand to keep its technological lead.

This hydrogen fuel-cell car welcomes 4 people, it is fitted with two 70MPa high pressure tanks that offer 500km of range for a refill in just three minutes, same time as conventional fuel !
Toyota also focuses on the source of energy represented by the car that can power an average Japanese home for a week !

Toyota_FCV_2013 (2).jpgToyota_FCV_2013 (3).jpg

For the record Honda already offers the FCX Clarity – pioneer in the segment but at end of life.
The launch of the production version of the Toyota FCV is planned for 2015 .

Toyota FV2

Another first on the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, a single-person vehicle, sort of velomobile without pedals and with 4 wheels measuring 3m long, expression of the "Fun to Drive" philosophy, it drives intuitively via your body’s weight.

Toyota_FV2_2013 (5).jpg
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